Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit
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Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit Summary

Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit

A highly detailed 8 piece resin kit to convert a chimera into a wheeled vehicle.
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Most excellent !
I've ordered several of these kits for my Genestealer army, they look great and stand out nicely from nearby guard chimeras. Easy to build and paint, an excellent addition for folks that are tired of tracks on everything.
Savlar Vets ride
Took awhile to get, but worth it. No warping, couple of pinhead sized bubbles that you really have to look for to find. A real quality piece. Two part wheels where a bit annoying to put together, but five seconds on a file and a little care getting them aligned right when they were glued has made for one sharp vehicle. So cool looking it was one of the first things targeted in my last game, over a pair of tanks. Side by side with some other wheeled conversions these win hands down in my opinion.
Wheels a roll'n
My chimeras and hydras are now wheeled. Nothing but compliments on the unique look it lends to my army,
Very, very good kit
A very good purchase! The parts required some clean-up and there was a bit of warping, but nothing beyond other resin kits/miniatures. Most importantly, it looks excellent. Gives the chimera a very different feel (not saying better, that's a matter of preference, but different and in a good way). The only complaints I have is that it took a while to get here (almost 2 months from ordering until I had it in hand). Although, ordering in the middle of Christmas season probably had something to do with that. Either way, not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind. Fortunately I wasn't in a hurry. And secondly, having the wheels in 2 parts is a bit annoying. Still not a deal-breaker and nothing an experienced hobbyist can't handle. I definitely recommend it!
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