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Agrius Light Turret Set
The Agrius is an 8 piece kit designed for light tanks in the 28-32mm scale range, or other vehicles such as the imperial guard chimera. It comes with 5 weapon options Single Heavy Cannon Twin Heavy Cannon...
The Faceless, Guard Commissar
Rumours abound about what is under the mask. However he is known to the troops only as "the faceless". What's scarier than the enemy? The guy "improving" morale behind you with the big gun. This set contains...
Odin Breaching Demolition Vehicle 2 Pack
The Odin was based on designs from old Earth. Packed full of explosives, and guided to their targets, they are detonated with catastrophic results. Usually used against pillboxes and for breaching heavily...
Wheeled Chimera Urban Response Vehicle Conversion Kit
A highly detailed 11 piece conversion kit bundle, to convert a Chimera into a wheeled urban response vehicle.
Wheeled Chimera Conversion Kit
A highly detailed 8 piece resin kit to convert a chimera into a wheeled vehicle.
Hazardous Environment Equipment For Chimera
Hazardous environment equipment set for Chimera. Includes the following 1x Dozer blade set 1x Trench rails set 1x Extra armour set 1x Rear Hatch set 1x top Hatch filter set 1x track guard set
Track guards for Chimera/Leman Russ
Track guards. Designed to fit both the Chimera and Leman Russ. Cast in polyurethane resin.
Chimera Hazardous Engine Filter Hatch
Top hatch engine filter conversion for use with the Chimera. Cast in polyurethane resin.
6x6 wheel conversion kit compatible with GW taurox
A 6x6 wheel conversion compatible with Games Workshops Taurox. A 11 piece kit cast in polyurethane resin. Includes 7 25mm wheels (6 road 1 spare) and 4 hub mountings. No cutting of the original GW kit...
Chimera Rear Hatch Conversion
Rear hatch conversion. Also allows you to use our trench rails on with the chimera. Cast in polyurethane resin.
Olifant Pattern Tank Hull Kit
This set contains one Olifant pattern tank hull. A crisp 4 piece kit compromising of hull, extra fuel barrel set and front anti tank lazer turret. Add armour bundle for 20 extra. Adds the Olifant turret...
28mm Tank trench rails
28mm Trench rails, A 2 part upgrade designed for sci-fi vehicles. Cast in polyurethane resin.
Olifant Pattern Tank Turret Kit
This set contains one Olifant pattern turret. A crisp 6 piece kit compromising commanders hatch, turret, barrel and 3 different turret rings (4.5/11.5/25.5mm).
Leman Russ Extra Armour
This sale is for a 2 part high detailed kit to fit the leman russ chassis with extra armour. Manufactured from high quality polyurethane resin for IG vehicles. Comes with a removable hatch for use with...
Chimera Extra Armour
This sale is for a 2 part high detailed kit to fit the chimera chassis with extra armour.
28mm Dozer Blade
This set contains one dozer blade. A 2 piece kit designed for use on Imperial guard-Astra Militarum and Space Marine vehicles.
Locust Weapons Tank
This set contains 1x locust heavy weapons tankette. This is a 27 part resin kit that requires assembly and painting. It comes complete with 5 weapon options (Missile launcher, heavy bolter, lascannon,...