Long time no see ladies and gents, with health issues from the beginning of the year slowly fading (but not entirely clearing), I have slowly been getting new releases ready.

Something that has plagued me for a while is what direction I wanted to take, to get an overall general aesthetic for my human guard range, without it looking scatter gunned, and not all coherent. That is no longer the case however,  as Space Ruskies are a go! No not bear skin wearing turn of the century guys, but the cold war type designs.. BMP's, T-55s. T62s, etc etc

any Now, less chatty, more pics

Actually making something round, but with square clean edges was something of a nice change of pace, especially considering 2017 was about greenskins. 2018 will be more about humans, something I have been after doing for a long, long time.

Also we have this chap to go in the turret too, well why else did you think there was a cupola there!

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Denis 6/15/2018

Love it! Just as I am building Guard army! Have you seen early Soviet tanks? T-26, T-40, T-70 light tank, armored cars... Keep up the good work!

admin 6/16/2018

Hey Denis, I will be making the locust look a bit more t-26-ish over the next month