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So as of late, I have been doing some looking back on some of the earlier models that we created. And some, were in need of an update to bring them to the standard of what we currently produce. This had led to me reworking some of the kits, or as in the case of the greenskin artillery, remaking them from scratch.

This has lead me to the locust, which has been slightly changing every time I remake the moulds as they wear out. What started as a 2 piece hull became one. The track moulds changed so the links were cast already in place. The more I learned the more things changed etc etc.

Which brings us to the current state of the locust hull,l which is currently being completely rebuilt, to bring it more into line with the rest of my guard builds, now I have "found a style" I like. Something slightly less sci-fi (ish) and more set in the 20th/21st century.

I have also been making some demo tanks, basing them somewhat on a churchill. Because who doesn't like big booms!

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Ben 3/12/2018

The Odin Demolition tanks turned out great!

admin 3/12/2018

Thanks, what turned into a couple of days build turned into a couple of weeks really quick :D