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Runt Bomb Set
One Runt Bomb Kit. Contains, Pilot, Bomb, Launch rails, 60mm base, Clear plastic flying base, Weapon options. Ideal for both conversions and running as a small flier.
Orc Runt Bomb Launcher
Kit contains one Orc runt bomb launcher and runt bomb. A 15 piece kit Cast in polyurethane resin.
Orc Flaming Halftrack
This set contains one Orc Flaming Halftrack, a 12 piece kit in resin that when built will set the table alight! (cheesy pun intended)
Orc Klanka Walker
Orc Klanka kit, for squishing pinkies. A high detailed, fully poseable 23 part kit to create a junk walker. Plastic figure not included and used for scale purposes only.
Orc Junk Crawler legs
Orc Crawler legs. Not for those afraid of spiders! A 13 piece kit With fully poseable legs and weapons. Kit compromises: 1x hull 4x upper legs 4x lower legs 1x Machine gun 1x engine 2x exhausts Cast in...
Orc Bandit Off Road Buggy
This set contains one Orc Bandit. This kit contains 11 pieces and includes Mad Mekz. Vehicle measures: 70mm (2.75")long 45mm (1.75") wide 51mm (2") height to the top of the rider.
Mad Mekz 28mm Scale Scrap Dr..
Some say he used to be an enforcer for a greenskin mob, before heading off into the wastelands on his own... Introducing Mad Mekz, a 4 piece figure for all scrap type vehicles. Measures 40mm tall (head...
Greenskin Artillery
This set contains one Greenskin artillery kit. A 7 piece resin kit that requires assembly and painting. Suitable for 28mm sci-fi games and can create either a anti tank laser, cannon or howitzer. Assembled...