Agrius Light Turret Set
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Agrius Light Turret Set Summary

Agrius Light Turret Set

The Agrius is an 8 piece kit designed for light tanks in the 28-32mm scale range, or other vehicles such as the imperial guard chimera.

It comes with 5 weapon options
Single Heavy Cannon
Twin Heavy Cannon
Rapid fire Laser

The set also comes with turret hatch, and an optional tube launched anti tank missile.

Size (without weapons)
Length 40mm
Width 37mm
Height 16mm
Turret ring 11.5mm  

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A tremendous turret
Excellent! Ordered four of these and my Storm Chimeras are looking good !
Fantastic finely detailed APC Turret with multiple Weapon Options
Extremely creative resin Turret with separate Commander's Hatch fits Chimera APC perfectly with multiple weapon options allowing for magnetization. Hunter Killer Missile / Searchlight and five different weapon options including Autocannon, Multi-laser, Heavy Bolter, Twin Heavy Bolter, and Heavy Flamer!
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